BODA Builders

Cannington, WA Australia

Phone: (08) 6117 0998

Category: Construction Real Estate

Address: Unit-1, 230 Railway Parade
Cannington, WA 6107


Boda Builders is one of the leading boutique builders Perth. As a comprehensive and renowned boutique builders Perth, Australia, we specialize in providing all kinds of boutique solutions under a roof. Our client base involves clients from Perth and its suburbs. At Boda Builders, our activities and strategies are centred on transforming the homes and commercial spaces of our clients. Other than being one of the leading boutique home builders Perth, we also partner with those clients who have boutique building requirements to transform the appearance of their commercial spaces. We pride ourselves on being one of the reputed custom home builders Perth with partners, contractors, and carpenters who are passionate about channeling their expertise and creativity to produce the best results for our clients. Our primary objective is to offer the best boutique building solutions that the money of our clients can get. From project management to customer service, all our services are geared towards achieving this objective. Regardless of the type of boutique building project you have or the outcome you want, we are happy to help you with it.

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