BrickResales Pty Ltd

Coopers Plains, Queensland Australia

Phone: 0407 176 612

Category: Recreation Tools retail Toy & Hobby

Address: 836 Boundary Road
Coopers Plains, Queensland 4108


BrickResales is so much more than a ‘pre-loved LEGO brick business’. It is a community of people, connected through the amazing LEGO world. Building fun things using only LEGO pieces and your imagination is something millions of people of all ages, cultures and experiences do every hour, of every day. BrickResales loves that no other “toy” has provided access to a world of this scale. Building with LEGO bricks can be as simple or as complex as you like. It has a special kind of magic that brings people together and helps them smile 😊 This is what BrickResales is about, too – bringing people together through LEGO products, creating places that are free from judgement, and unleashing imaginations. Buy as much or as little as you choose; BrickResales hopes instead to create a space to help others find their treasures.

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