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As Australia’s premier motorsport human performance specialist, Phil Young of GP Human Performance draws on his Formula 1 experience and provides drivers with the keys to unlocking their full potential so that the performance of their body matches the performance of their car.

Phil takes a holistic approach to a driver’s health & fitness and understands the driver fitness is a critical part of the overall team performance.

Services include:

Driver Physical Assessment
A full assessment is conducted with the individual and will include heart rate, reflexes, strength and aerobic assessments.

Aerobic and Strength Training
Long, hot stints in a car combined with a high heart rate and repetitive upper body movements require a fit, prepared body. Phil tailors training plans to suit a driver’s style and class of driving to help improve fitness, strength and reflexes.

Online Training
Phil is able to tailor and monitor your fitness & training remotely. Our online training is the next best thing to having Phil by your side when training.

Training Camps
Specific motorsport training camps can be tailored for the style and level of attending drivers. A duration of four to six days, training camps are a great opportunity to learn from other drivers.

Camps can be tailored to include any particular aspect of motorsport including specific sessions with team managers, engineers, media consultants, road safety experts etc. Our team can assist with accommodation and travel arrangements as well as on-going general assistance for young drivers attending our camps.

Nutritional Advice and Advanced Sweat Testing
Like any elite athlete, a driver’s performance and recovery ability is not just about what goes on in the gym. Appropriate lifestyle choices and nutrition is critical in fuelling the body to perform at the maximum level on race day.

We are able to perform an advanced sweat test to determine the sodium concentration in sweat to enable the athlete to individually customise their hydration strategy.

Injury Prevention and Management
Our understanding of the specific stresses on the body from motorsport requires an increased focus on injury prevention. Phil’s expertise in massage and physical therapy speeds up the down-time when you suffer an injury and help strengthen weak spots to prevent further problems in the future.

Race Day Support
Race day conditions can vary considerably, even over the one weekend. With over 20 years experience in the industry, Phil is the cool, calm head you need to make your race day preparations as smooth and easy as possible.

Importantly, appropriate warm-up and cool-down strategies, appropriate hydration, post-race massage greatly assists the body to perform and recover. We monitor a driver’s performance and are able to tailor our advice to assist with increased performance for future race meetings.

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