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pitbox.io is a dedicated data platform for race drivers, teams and race series owners making F1-level technology available to all.

It is a cloud-based, single-platform service to capture, store, analyse and solve the science behind motor racing.

Optimal performance in motorsport requires data as a core function, from car set up and tyre condition, to drivers’ feedback and track notes.

Outside of F1, paper, spreadsheets and email are commonly used to collect this data. In addition, sensors are collecting data at an astronomical rate across weather, car telemetry, and even human sensors on drivers and teams.

With so many data sources, it is now becoming problematic to maximise the data collected and make it meaningful in a timely way at the racetrack to derive direct benefit in lap time.

With significant budgets into the hundreds of millions, Formula 1 teams are getting a handle on their data and in turn are competitive on the track. These proprietary systems are not affordable solutions for 95% of the motorsport industry. Until now.

The pitbox.io platform was developed in collaboration with race teams in Australia, Asia and the U.S. to ensure real world race conditions were simulated during the development of the product.

Experience from race teams in open wheels, Porsche Carrera Cup and Supercars were leveraged to optimise the features of the platform.

pitbox.io is a secure cloud platform specifically aligned to how race teams operate at the track with the goal to optimise a team’s performance and have the right data available at the time to make informed decisions to win on the track.

The platform leverages the latest technology in cloud, digital platforms, data analytics and artificial intelligence to maximise the potential for race teams. pitbox.io’s current market offering allows drivers to submit their track notes and car performance feedback to their engineer or driver coach.

Each corner is broken down into four phases, and feedback is given numerically to ensure a common language is used.

This is accompanied by the Master Track Map feature, which allows drivers, engineers and driver coaches to seamlessly collaborate in preparing video footage, photos and notes to form a detailed analysis on the driving and engineering approach to every corner of every track.

Currently in the early stages of testing, ready for market release, is a system to log an entire car set up, and share any set up changes with a mechanic(s) in real time, on a need-to-know basis.

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