PTI Tilt Tray Services

Aspley, Queensland Australia

Phone: 0412374392

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Aspley, Queensland 4034


PTI Tilt Tray Services was established in 2002 but have been in the towing industry since 1991.

That’s over 20 years of experience and knowledge. We are a small family-based towing business.

A person who understands how precious your pride and joy is to you. When you call PTI Tilt Tray Services you are speaking to the person who runs the business, takes the jobs and does the work.

Now isn’t that better than calling a bigger business on a 1800 number having them taking the job, putting into the system (hopefully with all the correct information) and then handed out to anybody who may have no idea of what you requested in the first place.

PTI Tilt Tray Services is also very competitive on long-distance towing services.

Most of the times we can quote lower prices than the big Automotive Clubs in Queensland and Interstate.

This means that over long-distance trips you could save hundreds of dollars. Just what you need if the unexpected happens.

PTI Tilt Tray Services is fully insured for the towing of your vehicle.

In over 20 years we have towed/ transported numerous Classic and Rare types of European, English, American Muscle & Australian vehicles.

Numerous Race cars all transported damage free with the full strap tie-down system that is installed. Our tilt tray tow truck has been fitted with aluminium loading ramps.

This means that we can tow/transport lowered vehicles down to 50mm in height.

Combine this with loading and tie-down straps for a chain free relocation of your very much loved vehicle.

We are experienced in long-distance towing from Interstate, North Queensland and the Outback.

We can look after you if your vehicle has broken down even if you have a caravan/trailer as we can take both with towing attachments (50mm tow ball & 5T pintle hook).

Along with the towing of small machinery / empty 20 foot containers as well as the transportation of boats.

We are also MISC approved for wharf access.

We accept payment in Cash, Cheques, Direct Bank Deposits as well as Credit Card Payments.

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