Pulford Air & Gas

Melbourne, VIC Australia

Phone: 1300 138 124

Category: Air (Pneumatic) Tools Engineering Manufacturing

Address: 5 / 29 Business Park Drive, Notting Hill
Melbourne, VIC 3168

Web: https://www.pulford.com.au

Pulford Air & Gas has been in business in Sydney, NSW for 96 years.

We now have a national footprint which includes over 40 vehicles on the road, servicing all brands of compressed air equipment including dryers, filtration and nitrogen gas generation systems.

We have some iconic brands that trust us to take care of their vital equipment which keeps their plant and facilities running (Ingham Chicken, Monash Uni, Victoria Uni, Deakin Uni, Coca Cola, Bob Jane, Beaurepaires) spanning many industries including mining, food & beverage, universities, laboratories, tyres, automotive dealerships, smash repairers, timber industries, chemical plants, concrete.

Our new equipment offering is vast and we can offer a solution to all compressed air requirements as we have a strong supply chain from locally sourced to a vast international network.

New technologies are landing in the industry. Our new offering from ELGI in the AB Series of oil free interrupted technology is at the forefront of oil free equipment now down to 30kw, down to a further 7kw in the near future, this is a great range and the envy of all in the industry.

Our global range of oil lubricated screw compressors, the EG range is the only class of air compressor to offer a 10 year warranty on the heart of the compressor the \air end \. The EG range has the most spectacular SPC (Specific Power Consumption) ie: for KWs into compressed air out\ energy efficiency at the core of the machine’s design and operations.

EG range has also pushed the accepted oil carry over from the old accepted norm of 3 ppm to now a new standard of 1 ppm this is significant for those of which clean compressed air is important (isn’t that everyone?). The big end of air consumption plants also has something to choose from in our range, in fact they have a selection to choose from.

We have fantastic support from the automotive industry, because we have top quality machines which are always available off the shelf in Australia which can be configured to suit the individual’s situation.

Our fabrication works near Sydney Motorsport Park can assist us in getting each application exactly how our customers want it to be to achieved and the most effective and power efficient solution in each instance.

Please get in touch with us for your next service on your compressor and when you are looking to update any of your compressed air equipment.

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