Stanley College

6003 Perh, WA, WA Australia

Phone: 0424282171

Category: Education & Training

Address: 171 James Street, Northbridge
6003 Perh, WA, WA 6003


Stanley College is a modern pioneer educational institution. Committed to serving quality education.

Stanley College is located in Perth Australia. We at Stanley college aim to provide World class education and facilities, learning and training experience in a vibrant and supportive environment designed for students from diverse backgrounds. This will equip you with the cutting edge skills required in your chosen career.

Students are at the heart of Stanley College. You will be treated as a VIP and supported every step of the way through your journey with us. Stanley College’s vision encompasses growth and evolution that continues to be useful for students’ learning within the contexts of their changing environments, whether these students are young people embarking on careers, or accomplished professionals seeking to further develop their capabilities.

Every year, students from all over the world come to Stanley College, attracted by our academic reputation and the unparalleled student experience. At Stanley College, we believe that education is about your journey and experiences that will enrich personal development and academic achievement.

That is why we incorporate these elements into our learning, teaching and training delivery. As a student, you will benefit from our integrated approach that will enable you to acquire the skills and knowledge to succeed in your chosen career.

Our work-based training delivered in a real workplace setting will ensure you are job-ready and have a competitive advantage at graduation. Our friendly Employment Liaison Team has close ties with industry partners and is committed in helping you to take that first step into an exciting new career.

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