NETWORK: Checking in on Belinda Riseley, MotiV8

Belinda Riseley

Belinda Riseley’s company MotiV8 is the best online education platform for young up and comers in the motorsport industry looking to create their brand and improve their fitness for their future careers.

Since the previous check-in on MotiV8 Training, Riseley has shaken off the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and is looking to expand on her business even more.

After the difficulties she faced through 2020 and 2021 and with the world opening up again, Riseley has detailed she wants to break into the United States market as well as the world of two-wheels motorsport.

“I feel like everything’s the same across all motorsport, but currently we only do the four-wheels,” Riseley said.

“We currently have New Zealand, Australia and the UK, but I’d love to break into the US market.

“We’re in talks with Motorcycling Australia at the moment too, which is very exciting for us.”

In 2017, she set her business up as an online platform to assist her shared focus with her growing family.

Her biggest motivation is helping younger drivers find their brand and passion.

The business has continued to improve, previously working with stars such as Jaxon Evans, Jordan Love and Matt Campbell, who won the 24 Hours of Daytona this year.

Sensing the difficulty of finding sponsorship for young drivers, it’s been her main focus for the online programme.

“People have to be really educated around those types of things, because that’s what teams are looking for; they’re looking for when you get there, you can get sponsorship, and that’s exactly what we educate people on.

“Although it is a team sport, a lot of drivers are introverts because they can be out on the race track just by themselves.

“It’s just about how they communicate their authenticity even if they don’t want to be in front of the camera all the time.

“Nowadays when we talk about athletes, we say ‘it’s the ice man’, or the ‘smiling assassin’, and no longer ‘he’s won five races’; it’s all about their personality.

“We just want people to bring their authentic selves and be creative, and then it’s all about how we help them.”

With motorsport back on the rise with little to no restrictions worldwide, Riseley is more excited than ever to bring in more young talent, particularly with her Motorsport Coaching podcast still booming.

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