SPOTLIGHT: Dimitri Comino, Motorfocus Diecast

Motorfocus Diecast

Motorfocus has become Australia’s best and leading diecast retailer, with new and exciting diecast models coming in monthly to suit any form of collector.

Settling into a home in Archerfield, Queensland, Motorfocus’ homely and friendly environment make it difficult to walk into the store, without walking out with something.

Their models include sizes from 1/12 to 1/64, with products ranging from Supercars that date way back to the late 90s, to Scott McLaughlin’s newest IndyCar machine.

Their cars also include motorbikes, Le Mans cars, Formula 1 and Bathurst 12 hour vehicles, including many miscellaneous cars, trophies and figures, along with limited edition prints.

Owner of Motorfocus, Dimitri Comino has said he is overwhelmed with the support he’s gotten since taking over the business in 2003, more recently and particularly on the website.

“I’ve always looked at it as if I’m the customer and the collector,” Comino said.

“What I’ve always looked for is good service, at a competitive price and just hoping people can enjoy dealing with us because we are selling a product about fun and enjoyment.”

Comino’s journey in diecast models all started back when he went overseas nearly two decades ago.

“I went to America to watch an IndyCar race and I wanted to bring something home as a memento,” he said.

“All the merchandise was nice, but the thing that caught my eye was a model car.

“So I bought an IndyCar and thought it was pretty cool, and I had to find out where I could buy more of these things, and that started the ball rolling.”

Comino said the company has grown and shifted throughout his years owning the business, particularly over the years with their website growing stronger, and less foot traffic in the store.

You can also see Motorfocus pop-ups at different motorsport events, particularly at Supercars races, which will become a prime focus once again now that COVID-19 restrictions have largely eased.

Selecting the right products to bring to events purely comes down to the experience of Comino and his team.

“We do adjust the products depending on the demographic of the crowd,” he said.

Motorfocus also have a collectors club, where members can get five percent off models, newsletters, priority ordering of new releases and special offers in-store.

Motorfocus can be found at Supercars or any major motorsport events around Australia, online, or in Archerfield, open every week Tuesday to Saturday.

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