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Driven Australia

Driven Australia was founded in 2018 to service the Australian dirt track market.

Established by Graham and Wendy Erhart, Driven Australia is a marketing arm of GW Racing, which is the exclusive importer of the Driven D1 chassis, components and parts to Australia for Formula 500 racing.

The Queensland-based organisation also builds shock absorbers and maintains shock absorbers for a lot of motorsport teams in Australia.

Driven Australia stems from the United States of America-based Driven Performance which commenced as a parts supplier and service outlet, before becoming a fully-fledged manufacturer in its own right.

Driven Australia founder Graham Erhart said the uptake of the D1 chassis in Australia has been quite good.

“These cars are prominent in America an we have a lot of races in America and we saw an opportunity to market these cars in Australia,” Erhart said.

“We sell those cars complete from front to back.

“So with fuel tanks, teering boxes, motors and so forth, we can supply you with all of the componentry from front to back.”

The organisation is operated by ex-Formula 500 racer Nathan Pronger, who currently races a sprint car.

The business ties further extend to motorsport through the GW Racing outfit, with the team’s driver Brock Hallett claiming victory in the South West Conveyancing 50th Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic at the Premier Speedway in Warrnambool.

“GW Racing has been around since the early 2000’s,” Erhart added.

“It has always been a speedway-orientated supplier, but part of that has always been the race team.

“It was great to win the Classic on the weekend – it’s the dream of a lifetime come true and something we’ve always strived for, but it’s very hard to win.”

The organisation also sponsors several drivers, including Junior Formula 500 racing steerer Charlie Bowen.

“Formula 500 brings a lot of newcomers to the sport and we really need to foster the newcomers,” Erhart declared.

“If we don’t foster the young people coming into the support, we won’t have a sport in 50 years time.

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