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The Evolve Driver Training and Events at The Bend Motorsport Park

Evolve Driver Training and Events provides professional driver training and driving-based events for public and corporate clients across Australia.

Founded by motorsport driver Dean Sammut in 2014, Evolve Driver Training and Events was established with a view to evolve the modern-day driver’s ‘attitude, awareness and driving technique.

“After being involved in the industry for 20 years and more than 10 years successfully running a different driver training company I saw a need to evolve the programmes that were being offered, not just to be different from our competitors but to keep up to date with modern situations,” Sammut said.

“This is where Evolve Driver Training & Events was developed, I feel that there was a need to have ‘The Driver’ evolve to a level equal to modern technology and our understanding of road safety management.”

The organisation’s service offering includes defensive road safety courses, high-performance driving, corporate drive days and one-on-one coaching.

The Victorian-based organisation specialises in track events at local circuits but also offers multiple interstate tour options to Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and the iconic Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit at Bathurst.

Sammut said the organisation is extremely committed to delivering a quality service for clients.

“Our defensive road safety course is something we’re really passionate about,” Sammut explained.

“There’s such an issue with road safety across Australia, so our defensive road safety programme has been designed to try to actually get some real road safety improvements and that is obviously helping drivers to be a lot better skilled and aware.

“Our performance driving events are conducted at the racetrack and allow drivers to bring their own cars along and enjoy one of the best formats for them to learn how to get the best out of their car and do it as safely as possible.

“I that regard, we provide a professional instructor team to help them out with a dedicated schedule.

“The drive group sizes we run are smaller than almost any other event provider out there so our clients got plenty of track time and without too much traffic.

“Our corporate events are very much bespoke to our clients, we’re able to help out with product launches, team building, presentations for the staff or anything centred around a driving theme.

“In most cases, we’re working with those corporates to find out what they want and actually deliver more than what they want so that they’ve got the best experience possible for their investment.

“Just recently we worked with the Carlton Football Club and Hyundai with an activation to help the club connect their network of sponsors and supporters and then they were able to generate some sales directly out of that.”

The organisation has access to a team of qualified instructors across the country, who pride themselves on delivering in accordance with the highest safety standards in the industry.

“Our instructor team consists of 18 to 20 instructors that we rotate through our events in Victoria, in New South Wales, we’ve got about 12, six or so in Queensland and a couple over in South Australia,” Sammut added.

“They are a professional and passionate team and that is one of the big differentiators in what we do.

“We aim to be more professional than any other track day or drive day type provider, so very detailed with all of the information that our customers give before the event and you know what to expect at the event.”

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