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Gordon Leven Motorsport Tyres

Gordon Leven Motorsport Tyres is a well-respected tyre supplier in the Australian motorsport sector, with over 35 years experience.

Established in 1988, the specialist motorsport tyre supplier stocks three major brands, with a tyre to suit every need.

It is the exclusive importer and national distributor of Avon tyres, with agents in other states of Australia.

The organisation is also the exclusive distributor for Yokohama and Bridgestone in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

It supplies control tyres for categories such as the Australian Formula Ford Series, Australian Production Cars, Aussie Racing Cars, Improved Production, Legend Cars Australia, New South Wales Production Cars and Small Car Cup.

As part of its service offering, staff from the organisation also attend motorsport events and fit tyres at the track.

It offers precision fitting, balance and testing, using the latest equipment.

Owner Phil Callus prides himself on providing a quality service for customers.

“This particular business has been running for a long time and has a very good reputation,” Callus said.

“People speak to us on a regular basis and get people saying to us that they love talking to us because every time they do they always learn something.

“There’s a difference between being a salesman and being someone that actually knows your product and knows how it works, how racing works, having the right tyre for the right car, the right size, air pressures, wheel alignments, the whole thing.

“I guess the difference between us and the others is our passion for motorsport.”

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