NETWORK: Graham Bell, Bell Motorsport

Bell Motorsport

Bell Motorsport is the one-stop shop for all things BMW racing cars for more than 20 years, helping the motorsport community perform to their best ability.

Servicing and producing both race-ready BMW cars and modified race-going cars, the team has a long list of services they provide to make the racing scene a more inclusive community.

This includes having multiple BMW E30 race-ready cars to hire for anyone looking to drive on a track day, meaning those who don’t have access to a race car can still get behind the wheel.

“It allows people that do club sprints to try out a real race car, you can hire a car to do a club track day or a proper race meet. We’ve got people that have a race license but don’t have a race car, so they’ll hire a car to keep their licence,” said Graham Bell, owner of the business.

“People are looking to get into the E30 Series, and that series is probably one of the easiest and cheapest forms of four-wheel motorsport because it’s so regulated and they’re so reliable.

“They don’t require a lot of ongoing rebuilding or maintenance, so you can hire them for a relatively reasonable price.”

Bell Motorsports also works with individuals to prepare for track days, helping with set-up on and off the track.

“I’ve been a member of a couple of BMW clubs through the years and we have a lot of people who want to go a little bit further than just doing club sprints.”

“So we run training days where we can do some do one-on-one coaching, get in the car with them to show them what they should be doing, we can also do classroom sessions.”

“It’s all about people getting better and advancing themselves and we like to try and help.” has helped Bell’s business stay in the loop with the motorsport community and network with new potential drivers.

“I saw it through the normal site and thought it would be good for networking keeping up to date with everything.”

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