SPOTLIGHT: Harry Hayek, RCD Motorsport


Harry Hayek is the founder of RCD Motorsport

Former McLaren GT Factory Driver Harry Hayek is now offering driver training in Australia.

The highly-credentialled racer is the founder of RCD Motorsport, a professional driver training and development business.

His racing resume includes several years in the Australian Formula 4 Championship (2019, 2016, 2015); appearances in the 2016 British Formula 4 Championship, 2017 Toyota Racing Series, and 2017 BRDC British Formula 3 Championship; plus racing in the 2021 Pure McLaren GT Series and the 2021 British GT Championship with McLaren factory support.

While based in Sydney, the 24-year-old is able to train drivers at all levels from novices to track day enthusiasts, experienced racers to kart drivers, across the country.

As part of its service offering, RCD Motorsport provides professional driver coaching, drive analysis reports, race weekend support, as well as an arrive-and-drive package with a Lotus Exige.

Possessing a passion for people and cars, along with an extensive motorsport background, Hayek said the business is a way to give back to the automotive community following his time with McLaren.

“I am grateful that McLaren invited me to an evaluation day and selected me from 18 other drivers to become a factory driver,” Hayek said.

“I was with McLaren from 2020 to 2021, racing, coaching, and being an ambassador for them.

“Unfortunately towards the end of last year, the majority of the factory team got made redundant, due to COVID, so I returned back home.”

Hayek is hoping to pass on his worldwide motorsport experience to improve driver ability, technique, and overall safety locally.

“I’m now back here full-time and I’ve really tried to get stuck into this coaching business I’ve got to grow it.

“I’ve been attending a lot of car events, talking with people, handing out flyers, getting myself out there in the market, and organically building connections.”

Hayek views Networkcafe as the ideal opportunity to promote his business to a targeted audience.

“It works hand in hand with the motorsport community, obviously a lot of people that are on Speedcafe and Networkcafe, are more likely to be involved with the track, whether they drive themselves, they have teams, drivers coming in, or have corporate businesses.

“So the idea is just to target that demographic and network with the market.”

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