NETWORK: Jam Motorsport Shop


Jam Motorsport Shop. Picture: Mhari Dougal

Jam Motorsport Shop was co-founded by motorsport team owners Aaron Steer and Courtney Tyler.

Founded in 2020, it is an all-inclusive motorsport retail store offering services and products throughout the motorsport industry.

The store stocks everything from motorsport equipment, racewear, to workshop products.

Co-founder Courtney Tyler said the venture is an extension of the couple’s motorsport team, the aptly named Jam Motorsport, a racing service operation that specialises in Porsche models, prototype cars, open-wheelers, and tarmac rally.

“We literally take care of everything for the driver,” Tyler said.

“We’ll help them procure a car or if they come to us with a race car already, we help them get their licence, prepare the car, look after them at the race track, book them into their test days.

“Our main objective is for our drivers to arrive and drive, so they literally don’t have to worry about anything.”

Networkcafe-Courtney-Tyler (1)

Jam Motorsport Shop’s Courtney Tyler (left). Picture: Mr Dusty Media

Tyler said the idea for the store was inspired by enquiries from the motorsport community.

“We wanted to have a one-stop shop for all the drivers that come to us,” she added.

“We had so many of our new drivers or existing drivers going ‘I need a helmet, do you know where I should get one, I need a HANS device, I wouldn’t mind some new gloves.’

“So we thought why don’t we do Jam Motorsport Shop because it compliments our business really well.”

The shop is unique in that it is conveniently located onsite at The Bend Motorsport Park in Tailem Bend.

“It’s always nice to get here to spread awareness about our business and what we do because it is quite unique and it’s quite niche.

“When people come out to The Bend just to do go-karts they might drive past and they’ll drop in and we’ll host people in the workshop if they want to do a tour.

“A lot of people say, gosh, I didn’t even know you know, a business like this existed, that’s really quite cool.”

In addition to selling products on-site, the store has an online presence at and ships products nationwide.

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