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Joshua Graveling Commentary

Joshua Graveling is eager to progress his motorsport commentary across the country.

Alice Springs-based Graveling is a 20-year-old motorsports commentator with five years of commentary experience.

His passion for motorsport started as a child, with his love of the sport influenced by his father.

“My interest in motorsport started around my dad, really, growing up as a young bloke, there was always some sort of motorsport on TV or we’d be at a motorsport event here in town,” Graveling said.

“The first real defining moment was probably around about 10 years old, when I was taken to the first national meeting that we had in Alice Springs out at the dragway.

“I spent the whole weekend out there and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Over the years, his involvement in motorsport has included racing, volunteering for his local drag racing club, before going into commentary in recent years.

He established his commentary business in 2020, providing services including commentary, voiceover work, compering events, as well as writing press releases.

He has worked at some of the Northern Territory’s biggest motorsport events including the Finke Desert Race, Red Centre Nats, Top Fuel and Summernats, as well as for local sporting groups.

“I thought that the central Australia region needed a motorsports commentator so I put my hand up and started the business,” Graveling said.

“It’s absolutely amazing the number of different motorsports we’ve got out here, whether it is drag racing, whether it’s off-road racing, RC racing, drifting, there are so many different types of motorsports out here.

“If you are looking for someone young and exciting to bring your motorsports event to life and make new spectators feel like they aren’t missing anything with simple explanations or hard-hitting questions, give me a call.”

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