NETWORK: Luke Ryan Personal Training

Luke Ryan with a client of his. Picture: Luke Ryan Personal Training Facebook

Luke Ryan’s name in the personal training world has become synonymous with glowing reviews about work ethic and achieving goals.

The personal trainer based in South Australia has been in the fitness world for eight years and has been creating his own brand image and clientele for over five years, working with individuals towards their ideal healthy lifestyles and positive change.

“I don’t have too much of demographic here in South Australia, it’s quite spread at the moment with young and old, it’s a nice mix,” Ryan said.

“My services are strictly face-to-face at the moment and that keeps me super busy, but I am moving interstate at the end of the year so I will most likely be moving some of my services to an online platform to retain some of my current clients virtually.”

Other services offered with Luke Ryan Personal Training include online coaching, programme packages, and eBooks to work in tandem with the face-to-face personal training for regulars to get the most out of their fitness journey.

Ryan has worked with a plethora of clientele over the years and while motorsport athletes is an avenue he hasn’t stepped into yet, it is one he wouldn’t mind breaking into further in the future.

“Yeah, I’m always interested, I’ve worked with many different athletes in the past, but my job right now is to work with whoever needs services where I’m situated and where I’m at, there’s not too many athletes.”

“But when I move back up to Queensland, I’m definitely open to anything including coaching drivers or the like.” has been advantageous for Ryan to advertise and bring a more targeted audience to his business.

“It was actually a mate who works in the motorsport world with Castrol that reached out and said I should reach out and put myself and my work on,” Ryan said.

“It’s been a really great platform to put my business on, it’s a great community to be a part of.”

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