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Luxe Performance

Luxe Performance is a versatile motorsport equipment store that operates online and in a mobile capacity at race tracks in Western Australia.

Established in 2015 by Brent Peters, the outlet sells motorsport equipment including helmets, driver cooling and hydration equipment, race suits, race hardware and fasteners, safety equipment, as well as FIA and SFI-certified fire retardant balaclavas, race gloves, race boots, socks and underwear.

In addition to its online store, Luxe Performance regularly has a presence at race events at Western Australian circuits such as Raceway and Collie Motorplex.

A racer and Silver-graded scrutineer himself, Peters’ inspiration for the business came from his own struggles of attempting to source quality products for motorsport competition.
“As a racer and official myself, I understand the importance of having high-quality motorsport gear,” Peters said.

“When I lived in Darwin they didn’t have any race-wear shops, so if I needed to buy a product, I would usually buy two, either to keep a spare for myself or to buy for someone else.

“I then moved to Perth and while the city had a couple of good shops, they didn’t have much coverage or range of products, so I set up the business to bridge the gap.”

Since its inception, the business has been well supported by the local and national motorsport market.

“It’s been really good especially the support we receive while we’re at events, we’re really lucky we support a couple of local categories, have raced across a couple of local categories and that has also helped the business,” Peters added.

“At the track, it is great to help people out, for example, if someone rocks up and fails scrutineering because their harnesses are out of date or they’ve forgotten their boots, gloves or whatever, we are able to help them out.”

Over the years, Peters has focused his attention on having a quality product line offering.

“We’re really focused on a couple of product lines, so rather than trying to have everything, we’ve really just focused on really good quality stuff,” he explained.

“It’s about better value for money with all the gear that we have.

“While focusing on quality, we do occasionally expand, we have a new range of equipment coming out in July, which is exciting.”

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