The team at document both present and historic motorsport events is an online platform dedicated to preserving and sharing motorsport history.

Based out of Victoria, the organisation provides a media, videography and web service for the motorsport industry, with a focus on historic events.

The team at are passionate about unearthing forgotten or lesser-known stories in motorsport history.

The platform shines a spotlight on motorsport events that might not receive widespread coverage, such as grassroots racing and races at regional venues.

The organisation is serviced by Motorsport Australia and Australian Auto-sport Alliance (AASA) accredited videographers who cover a range of events, with the content published to the website, YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Its videography services can also be utilised to create media packs for upcoming and recently completed events.

In addition to collecting and producing footage from current events, staff at the website also archive motorsport videos from around the world, that have been donated by users of the site.

Serving as a treasure trove for researchers eager to explore the history of motorsport, the website features a collection of historic motorsport event programmes in PDF form.

By showcasing these hidden gems, provides a comprehensive and inclusive view of motorsports, celebrating the diversity and breadth of the sport.

The organisation offers a range of free services including motorsport video cassette conversions, photo negative/slide development, printing and digitalisation, as well as motorsport event programme scanning.

The parent company of the motorsport media organisation is a website development firm, with this service also accessible through if desired.

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