NETWORK: Prestige Model Cars

Prestige Model Cars specialises in selling precision scale replicas of a variety of international road, sports and racing model cars.

The Melbourne-based online model car store imports and sells scaled models of the world’s most exclusive and exotic cars including Bugatti, Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Lamborghini crafted by renowned manufacturers such as BBR, MR Collection, FrontiArt and LookSmart.

The store was founded by model car enthusiast Bartosz Polak in 2020, who turned his passion into reality based on the advice of friends and fellow collectors.

“I’ve been collecting model cars for the majority of my life, my first model car was a gift from my dad and from there I started collecting model cars and moving up in the world in terms of the quality and the product,” Polak said.

“Prestige Model Cars is purely based on my hobby of model cars and high-end model cars, I started the business based on some feedback from a few people and friends of mine, because they said I was so good at it.

“I love going through model cars that I get for my clients, I verify and inspect every single model car that goes through me, but I also get to enjoy them before the clients get it from me.”

A respected dealer, Polak is an authorised distributor for all the brands he represents.

“I am the authorised distributor for all the brands that I represent, so I’m factory supported,” he explained.

“If there are any specific requests or issues that customers have, I’ve got direct access to the factories so we can find the right solution.”

He prides himself on delivering a quality service for clients.

“I’m all about providing a bespoke service that allows people to get what they really desire, something really rare, something strictly limited edition, something that you can’t just walk into any store and get,” Polak stated.

“It’s one of those things that are expensive, but you do get what you pay for, so you get the quality, rarity, the exclusivity of the item.”

Since starting the business, he has gone onto enjoy considerable success.

“It’s been interesting because I wasn’t expecting the success and the influx of orders from other collectors worldwide,” Polak reflected.

“The Australian market is also pretty good, I’ve got a group of collectors that have been with me since day one and I also know about the collectors that collect specific pieces, rather than every single model car.

“I love that I get to work in an industry that I am extremely passionate about.”

Giving back to the community, he hosted the world’s first model car and coffee event in Melbourne last year, raising funds for a charitable cause in the process.

“It was great, we had a lot of model car collectors come down and look at the cars on display, as well as talk about their collections and the market as a whole,” Polak added.

“We had people from different backgrounds rocking up asking and asking questions about the prices of model cars, the rarity of the models and if they buy a model car, the chances of it increasing in value.

“We also did a giveaway of a model car during the event and auction, with all proceeds from the auction donated to the Multiple Sclerosis Australia organisation.”

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