SPOTLIGHT: Alex Sular, Decking Melbourne

An example of merbau and composite decking options

Decking Melbourne is a young, up-and-coming business spreading across the Melbourne metropolitan area, which can offer a wide range of decking solutions.

Decking Melbourne currently highlight the merbau and composite decking options, with merbau being the perfect timber decking solution for outdoor areas, and composite decking being the best design for ‘Aussie conditions’.

Composite decking has recently had a large surge in popularity in Melbourne and across Australia, and is an environmentally friendly option as well, being made out of recycled plastic and wood-fibres.

The just one-year-old business has grown largely over the past year and is looking to grow its team even more, with already a fantastic group of experienced individuals in their crew.

Over its short lifespan, Decking Melbourne has been able to become one of the most reputable decking companies in Melbourne due to their hard work, and consistently quintessential finishes.

‘On the tools’ man Alex Sular said the business focuses on friendship and good service for their clients, always making sure they start and finish the day with a can-do attitude and leaving clients 100 percent happy with their service.

“We just like to do it, make sure everything’s right, according to the specs… with good friendship and good service,” Sular said.

“We like to make sure the customer is always happy before we leave the site.”

Their values and attitude have helped them grow a huge amount over just one year, and Sular has said hopefully it will be growing even more in the future.

Sular said he couldn’t be doing the work he loves without his business partner and admin specialist of the brand.

Their passion for the work has certainly driven the business forward and will continue to do so in the future, as they continue to gather a healthy clientele base.

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