SPOTLIGHT: Chris Fias–Ayon, CFA Productions

The CFA Productions team in action

Founded in his last year of high school, CFA Productions has become a full-time company specialising in professional videography for owner, Chris Fias–Ayon.

Since its inception in 2019, CFA Productions has grown to a staff of eight creatives, their expertise expanding from videography and photography to VFX and editing.

“We’re a group of freelancers and the reason I hired this team was because, in 2021, it was just me doing everything. I was at capacity with what I could do and where the business could grow,” said Fias–Ayon.

“I needed more experience in different fields, so I found people that were better at different styles of photography than me, or who specialised in videography editing and visual effects, so we have a wider range of skills and more manpower to get exciting jobs done.”

The team has built an impressive range of clients and portfolio work, creating content for multiple music videos, documentaries, festivals, and council short films.

“It’s all over the shop what we do, but that’s what we love. We’re one of the only videography companies that has such an extensive range of services.”

They also can be seen down in Wollongong for the Midnight Matsuri car meets.

“You’ll see us at car meets regularly. It’s not paid work, but our photographers will always be there taking shots and we’ve had some really cool access to luxury supercars in music videos.

“We all have a big love for motorsport photography in our own time as well as through CFA Productions.”

With most of the company studying in university, or less than two years out, featuring CFA Productions on has presented an opportunity for exposure that Fias–Ayon, and a chance to connect with a different set of audiences than usual.

“It’s a really good way to advertise ourselves to a lot of businesses I would have had no contact with already.

“Most of our clients are from word of mouth but it gives us a cool network of businesses to potentially work with and reach out to.

“Now that we’re three years into it with a lot more experience and jobs, we can slowly niche down our abilities into specific categories and begin to perfect our craft.

“We’re only getting better at what we’re doing – it’s hard to specialise and be good at everything.

“But I think our approach and willingness to do any job in a field we’ve maybe never attempted has created great feedback from our clients on both the creative and business side.”

Future ventures for CFA Productions include breaking into the luxury real estate videography market and shooting high-quality content of clientele’s luxury cars, whilst Fias-Ayon is always on the lookout for creatives to join their freelance team.

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