SPOTLIGHT: Crashtag, AIMSS, Garry Connelly

Ash Dunbabin (left) and Garry Connelly has continued to attract a vast and varied list of businesses since its launch as a valuable support mechanism for the industry and its suppliers, sponsors, clubs and organisations during the COVID-19 period.

While not a direct business, Crashtag is a service which has been developed by the Australian Institute for Motor Sport Safety (AIMSS) and funded by the FIA Innovation Fund and one which is close to many of our readers.

It is a free service and has been developed to help motorsport incident and injury reporting on a global basis and has joined in an effort to “spread the word”.

Crashtag is a digital tool that is designed to streamline incident and injury reporting which has been a tedious manual task in the past, according to the driving force behind the app, AIMSS’ Chairman, Garry Connelly.

“Crashtag is a purpose-built app to make the capture of motorsport incident and injury data seamless and easy to complete,” said Connelly.

“In a matter of seconds, anyone including spectators at any motorsport event will be able to submit an accident report.

“Motorsport incident and injury reporting have always been a tedious manual task that has required written paper forms, manual review and manual submission.

“These forms can be forgotten, lost, or worse, deliberately not completed due to complexity.

“The goal of Crashtag is simple; to improve the capture, the storage and the analysis of motorsport incident data throughout the world from the grassroots level to the highest level of professional motorsport.”

Crashtag has been designed for the remoteness of many motorsport events.

Crashtag will work at events with little or no cellular connectivity with an ability to store a report on the device and send it when it has reliable connection.

Crashtag, which has been developed by AIMSS’ Product and Research and Development Manager, Ash Dunbabin, has three main reporting components.

Motor Sport Incident Capture: Crashtag incident capture is very detailed and compliant with the FIA World Accident Database incident capture standards. Information captured can include; the time, the location, the number of competitors involved, the type of accident, and much more.

Injury Medical Data Capture: Crashtag has a comprehensive medical reporting component including full injury, vital signs and other relevant medical questions. This medical capture is only available to medical users such as doctors, paramedics and event first aid personnel. This data is held in a secure encrypted manner and is aligned closely to the information that the FIA captures in the medical incident reporting form.

Motor Sport Crash Incident Reporting: Crashtag offers unrivalled capture of accident reporting. Crashtag has review functionality, in the case of multiple similar submissions, an administrator or organiser can merge this data to ensure accurate reporting. To enhance motorsport incident reporting, Crashtag has export functionality to allow ASNs to send data to the FIA World Accident Database.

Crashtag will only be applicable post-incident and is not intended to replace the usual ‘live’ event management systems.

“ is a terrific initiative from the team in what has been a difficult period around the globe for everyone,” said Connelly.

“We know being a member of is a great way to spread the word about Crashtag and what it brings to our sport.

“Crashtag is designed for competitors, officials, volunteers and fans and we encourage all of them to download it and play their part in helping us to continually improve the sport.”

The goal of is for members to be doing business with each other and for the extensive readership to be considering the products and services of companies that need to survive the current economic downturn.

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