SPOTLIGHT: D.A.S. Towing, Wade Perrins

Wade towed this Porsche 911 GT2 RS

There’s your regular towing service. And then there’s your pride and joy and race car towing specialists, D.A.S. Towing and Recovery.

Wade Perrins

Experienced owner and operator, Wade Perrins, decided to break away from working for a larger company in Sydney and start a family-run business on the Gold Coast.

D.A.S. Towing offers 24/7 breakdown towing and recovery of cars and bikes around the Gold Coast and Brisbane, as well as the transport of goods in Queensland and interstate.

This includes farm machinery, tractors, boats, motorbikes, 20ft containers, and sealed pallets.

But what really sets D.A.S. apart is that Perrins specialises in ‘pride and joy’ transport, with facilities especially for moving race cars, collectibles, and historic cars.

“I believe in the philosophy that a lot of people have an emotional bond with their cars,” Perrins told

“I am an example of that myself, so when moving customers’ cars I treat them just as if they were my own.

“For me it’s not just a tow job, it’s more personal than just a car.”

The key to D.A.S.’ professionalism is a remarkable tool Perrins calls ‘race ramps’, which make loading and unloading vehicles at a race ride height possible.

The ‘race ramps’ in action loading this Ferrari 488 Challenge

Without them certain low cars — even some road cars — would scrape during the loading process.

However, with the ‘race ramps’ Perrins is able to tow Formula 4 cars, GT3 machinery, Porsche Carrera Cup cars, classic Fords and Holdens and more.

“Through my work with McElrea Racing and MR Tuning I quickly discovered the need for a device to reduce the angle of incline on a traditional tilt tray truck,” Perrins explained.

“Most road cars we are able to load with no problem, however, a low McLaren, or low Ferrari for example would scrape, let alone race cars which have almost no clearance.

“Timmy McCumstie from McElrea steered me in the right direction and I sourced the ‘race ramps’ from a local supplier in no time.

“They are extremely light weight and make a perfect tool for the job. As such I am able to load GT cars and Carrera Cup cars with ease.”

Perrins explained that as a sole operator he takes pride in being dependable and having fast and honest service.

“Those promises, or you could call it a business ethos really, is something that is quite important to me,” he added.

“One of the worst things is being stranded on the side of the road and having to wait hours for help.

“Communication is key; I strive to respond quickly and let customers know exactly where I am and how long I am going to be so that they have the right expectations.

“As a sole operator I am able to give more personal service and oftentimes respond quicker than the larger companies, so we embrace that.”

His bread and butter is regular road-side breakdown towing and recovery jobs, and with no way to know what the next phone call is going to be about, it’s important to be prepared for everything.

Phone calls come through at any hour of the day and night, with Perrins’ wife, Wendy also working on the administrative side of the business.

Ferrari 458 Challenge has been developed by as a valuable mechanism for the industry and its suppliers, sponsors, clubs and organisations in the current climate.

“We came across through reading every day to keep an eye on what’s happening in racing,” Perrins commented.

“Naturally the two platforms go hand-in-hand; it’s a great way for businesses to connect through a common interest of motorsport.”

The end goal is for members to be doing business with each other and for the extensive readership to be considering the products and services of companies that partnered with and use the platform to make connections.

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