SPOTLIGHT: Lachlan Mansell, Chequered Flag Media

Lachlan Mansell

Founded in 2007, motorsport media company Chequered Flag Media has taken the front seat for Lachlan Mansell in recent years.

His passion for the motorsport industry inspired him to start the business after he finished high school, focusing on the company full-time since 2017.

His media and communication company services teams, events, different motorsport categories and drivers, including Cameron Hill, Dylan O’Keeffe, Tony Bates and more.

His company also works closely with Winton Motor Raceway and Wakefield Park, doing media and public relations work for both race tracks.

Mansell continues to work hard to maintain good relationships with his clients, and get them noticed off-track.

Mansell’s life drastically changed after he won Beauty and the Geek last year, which has helped his company grow even more in the motorsport industry.

He said his confidence has grown much more since winning the show, and it’s helped him professionally as well, with recognition and opportunities arising for him.

“I’m going to keep chipping away at what I’m doing, after I won Beauty and the Geek last year I picked up the opportunity to work on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, one of the top radio programmes in the country,” he said.

“The biggest thing I pride myself on is my passion for motorsport, and my passion for generating publicity for my clients.

“I really get a buzz out of helping my clients and putting them in the spotlight.”

A lot of the clients he’s worked with have supported him for quite a long time, particularly Tony Bates, who has been a client of his since he started the company.

He has valued the loyalty of the different clients he has, as they support him and his business in many ways, and he’s able to work his hardest for them.

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