SPOTLIGHT: Media Master Coach

Filippa Guarna, owner and founder of Media Master Coach

The old saying goes that when the ‘going gets tough, the tough get going’.

For businesses of every size and shape the going does not get much tougher than what is being dished out by the coronavirus pandemic.

Longtime international content creator, Filippa Guarna, is just trying to survive like so many others.

Since moving back to Australia from Dubai three months ago, she has opened the doors on a brand new business venture – Media Master Coach.

Guarna will be using as one of her key marketing tools to spread the word through the motorsport and automotive industries.

“As an independent operator for most of my career, it’s always been important to promote and support my fellow entrepreneurs,” said Guarna.

“Working with the BAM Media Group and teams over the last 15 years on various projects, they are undoubtedly industry leaders and have supported hundreds of small business operators, sole traders and freelancers when creating content or leading the news wires.

“‘Crusher’ and his team continuously set the benchmark both with professionalism and creativity, and is just another example of that and of their generosity and understanding of the industry.

“ will be an amazing asset for our community and I am just one of hundreds who I am sure will be grateful for it being around as we punch through these challenging times.”

Media Master Coach has been developed night and day for the past two years and is now a 90% online experience which calls on Guarna’s 20-odd years of experience in the media – in front of and behind the camera.

“The majority of athletes invest in personal trainers, sports coaches, psychologists and sponsorship managers, but very few invest in media coaching,” said Guarna.

“It’s so true that the media industry can make or break a career, but so few truly understand it.

“They might know how to do a basic interview, but don’t really understand the role the media plays in helping or hindering their profiles, how to successfully win and retain fans and sponsors via the media, and importantly how to avoid a media crisis!

“It’s a common theme I’ve seen from working with hundreds of athletes all over the world, especially with racing drivers no matter whether they are at the F1 level or are tin-top novices.

“I’ve spent two decades across the media divide – from being a hard-nosed journalist interviewing everyone from Prime Ministers to Bathurst 1000 legends, and then as a TV producer and communications director helping promote sporting careers – I decided to do something about it.

“The six-week ‘Be Driven Master Program’ is specifically designed for athletes, while the Media Master Coach academy also offers short skill-focused coaching programs for content creators and organisations wanting to learn brand management, filming fundamentals, corporate content planning, crisis management, vocal coaching and more.” has been developed to support those businesses such as Media Master Coach and founder, Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray said the motivation for the new site was to help as many businesses and entrepreneurs in the motorsport and automotive industries as possible.

“I had known about Filippa’s plans for some time and while the timing of her launch is unfortunate with the current coronavirus pandemic, the environment will only generate resilience and invention,” said Murray.

“We are delighted that we have established in time for her (Guarna) to take advantage of new networking opportunities.

“The reactions we have had to already have been nothing but incredible and hopefully a sign of the success that can be generated by everyone as our industries pulls together.”

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