SPOTLIGHT: Mermaid Beach Radiology, Zane Sherif

Mermaid Beach Radiology owner, Zane Sherif

Motorsport is a business where everyone is striving to find that “something” that will give them that “edge” and in many respects, the field of medicine is no different.

When it comes to racing, the difference comes down to people and equipment and it is both those things which have seen Mermaid Beach Radiology head its field in a short period of time.

The radiology clinic is a world-class medical imaging practice on Queensland’s Gold Coast offering Australia’s first 3T Quantitative MRI and Spectral CT units in private practice.

These revolutionary new technologies facilitate the early detection of disease with ultra low radiation dose and in the case of MRI, no radiation at all, according to owner, Zane Sherif.

“I guess I like to think of Mermaid Beach Radiology as the Formula 1 of radiology in Australia,” said Sherif.

“We offer a new direction in class leading imaging technology, innovation and research in private practice and we are extremely proud of what we have achieved in a short period of time.

“We use our superior technical capabilities to provide an expedited and more confident diagnosis to enhance clinical decision making and improve the lives of our clients.”

Never a massive motorsport fan, Sheriff started to take more of an interest in the sport when a couple of high-profile competitors were referred to his facility for treatment.

“I had a couple of drivers make an appointment with us within a week or two of each other and the discussion led from one thing to another and I found out they were both involved in racing,” said Sherif.

“As a result, I started to take an interest and looked around for news sources and discovered and then the service.

“I was unaware of how many motorsport personalities live on the Gold Coast, but I seem to be having more and more of them as my patients and they have even referred interstate patients looking to take advantage of our state-of-the-art equipment and services.”

Sherif and his wife Dr Kirralee Sherif (PhD) founded the boutique clinic to offer the most personalised service using the best imaging equipment science has available.

The practice’s list of equipment includes Australia’s only Spectral CT scanner in a private facility and a research-grade Philips Elition X 3T MRI scanner.

Zane finished his undergraduate medical degree from University College, Cork in Ireland before finishing his Masters degree from University College, Dublin. 

On completion of his studies he rotated through basic surgical training, emergency medicine and orthopedics before commencing radiology training at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane and finishing a Neuro Fellowship at the Gold Coast University Hospital in 2013.

Other areas of interest include respiratory imaging and interventional procedures particularly related to pain management, which has been of particular help to a couple of former racing greats recently. was established in an effort to create a network for small to medium-sized businesses associated with the motorsport or automotive industries that could be negatively affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. founder, Brett “Crusher” Murray, said that was a perfect fit for a progressive and innovative business like Mermaid Beach Radiology.

“It is incredible how someone like Zane, who has never had a real interest in motorsport, can be bitten by the bug after a visit by a couple of drivers,” said Murray.

“He started to read to improve his knowledge and then saw an opportunity to promote his business through

“Obviously he provides a list of services that can be utilised by elite athletes, but his state-of-the-art equipment is available to anyone.

“We have taken that a step further by featuring him and his business on the site and we could not be happier to do so.” remains a free service and businesses can join by clicking HERE.

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