SPOTLIGHT: Morris Finance, Nathan Murray

Nathan Murray

Nathan Murray has a passion for life inclusive of business, motorsport and the Geelong Cats in the AFL.

During a career which has spanned more than 25 years, Murray has become a leader in his field of finance and a respected member of his local and business communities in his role as Managing Director of Morris Finance.

He was also a leader when it came to becoming a foundation member of when the business network was established at the start of the COVID-19 period last year.

Murray was enthusiastic about the concept and it was a perfect platform for Morris Finance given its considerable investment in motorsport over several years and its relationships with so many small- or medium-sized businesses.

This year, Morris Finance will continue its long-term relationship with Walkinshaw Andretti United in Supercars, Motorsport Australia, The Bend Motorsport Park, Porsche Motorsport Australia and a community program which involves drivers Nick Percat and Jaxon Evans.

Jaxon Evans

While professionally he is regarded as a pace-setter, Murray also has a strong community commitment to his make-up and is a member and mentor with The Captain’s Club at the Geelong Football Club as well as being an advisor and philanthropic contributor to various teams and organisation associated with Supercars, AFL football, local football, Foodbank, Headspace and Rotary.

“Over several years we have built many genuine and long-term relationships in our community, sport and motorsport in particular,” said Murray.

“These partnerships have been beneficial for all the stakeholders involved and really provided Morris Finance with a national footprint as we have evolved the business.”

Morris Finance is a national unlisted public company specialising in commercial finance.

The company offers a complete range of short to medium term finance solutions to small business and individuals through commercial leasing, hire purchase and chattel mortgage.

Murray’s professional career began with his own human resources business where he developed a cross section of skills including personnel management, marketing and day-to-day operations.

In 1998 he established Morris Finance with his father Ian with the vision of becoming an industry leader in the provision of small commercial leases and loans.

“Our business has maintained measured profitable growth over the last 12 years,” said Murray.

“Through that time we have not only faced the global financial crisis, but most recently COVID-19.

“Throughout the duration we have experienced many competitors exiting the market or struggling with the effects of both phenomena.

“Morris Finance relies solely on organic growth and does not face challenges often associated with mergers and acquisitions, which often include cultural, organisational and operational inconsistencies.”

For Murray, business is all about relationships and service and he is very particular about those principals starting in his own office.

“Morris Finance attracts, develops, promotes and retains exceptional people and as a result has minimal staff turnover and that is something we pride ourselves on,” said Murray,

“Our management supports a team of 50 like-minded staff with a culture that is totally committed to an exceptionally high standard of service for its stakeholders, brokers, investors, introducers and clients.”

As Managing Director, Murray has been pivotal in the sustainable success and marked expansion of the business.

He has demonstrated expertise in people management, brand development and marketing through the development of a select Nationally-accredited broker network in excess of 1200.

Nathan’s role involves maintaining relationships with key stakeholders including Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, the company’s auditors over the past 12 years.

He is also responsible for the strategic vision, risk management, marketing and the day to day management of the business. was established in an effort to create a network for small- to medium-sized businesses associated with the motorsport or automotive industries that could be negatively affected as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The direct link to motorsport through many years of sponsorship had Murray interested in from the day it was launched in May.

“Obviously as a motorsport fan I am an avid reader of on a daily basis,” said Murray.

“When COVID-19 hit last year there was so much uncertainty in the marketplace, but the team was instantly proactive and developed as a business tool for small- to medium-sized operations.

“I am not sure why any small business would not want to be involved and make their products and services available to such a growing network.”

All this means Morris Finance must be doing something right.

As it enters its 23rd year in business, the company moves into a new state of the art facility in the heart of Geelong which will allow for additional staff and an expansion of services.