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Belinda Riseley of Motiv8 Training

Belinda Riseley runs Motiv8 Training, which specialises in online courses that help motorsport talent maximise their performance on and off track.

Motiv8 Training is multi-faceted, but principally deals in two major areas with its online courses – Career Development and Athlete Performance.

The Career Development side advises motorsport athletes on how to find sponsorship, along with developing their brand on social media, and delves into the public relations and media side.

The Athlete Performance side of Motiv8 Training is an essential part of motorsport development, focusing on fitness, mindset and nutrition. has been developed by as a valuable support mechanism for the industry and its suppliers, sponsors, clubs and organisations during the COVID-19 period, which makes Motiv8 Training a perfect member to benefit from its initiatives.

Having spent her life around motorsport, Shepparton (VIC)-based Belinda identified a gap in the market.

“I’ve been around motorsport, especially grassroots motorsport like karting, for the majority of my life,” said Riseley.

“It has always been a ‘grey area’ or a black art for kids coming through the sport to look into areas like sourcing sponsorship and how important physical and mental wellness is.

“I’ll often tell my clients that being quick on track is realistically only about 20 percent of the total package; what you do off-track and how you position your personal brand is vitally important.

“You can be the fastest racecar driver or bike rider in the world, but if you can’t conduct yourself in a corporate or social environment with sponsors and their clients, then your talent is somewhat wasted.”

Motiv8 Training has branched out from its online programmes and is advising Porsche Cars Australia with the highly successful Porsche Michelin Junior Programme – which has seen Matt Campbell, Jaxon Evans and Jordan Love reach great heights in Europe after being at the pinnacle of Porsche Carrera Cup here – and this year also signed with Karting Australia to see the next level of Australian racing talent make the transition into circuit racing.

Riseley works closely with Motorsport Australia as an Ambassador for its Girls on Track programme. At track, you’ll likely see her between meetings checking in on her masseuse/physio that has become a regular at many events around the country.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been without its challenges, hence why Motiv8 Training has become a member of and Riseley says that with most racing in Australia in hiatus, now is the perfect time to be getting ready for the new season.

“Now is the perfect time to be preparing for 2021, to be honest,” said Riseley.

“My business, like many others, and motor racing categories around the world, has been impacted. With our online courses available 24/7 to those who jump onboard, there’s at least a solid six months before racing starts again.

“I can’t think of a better time to be online and taking in a Motiv8 Training course – and then reaching out for more specialised tuition if needed.”

Motiv8 Training regularly runs live Q&A sessions through its Facebook page and has successfully launched intensive day long junior training programmes with presenters like Brad Jones Racing Supercars pilot, Macauley Jones, and international guests like grassroots sponsorship expert from the United States, Stephan Honeycutt.

Dovetailing with the programmes is a free podcast that covers off all the elite areas of motorsport with some of the great minds of motorsport including the likes of driver training coach, Ross Bentley; Daniel Ricciardo’s trainer, Mike Italiano; The Grand Tour and W Series competitor, Abbie Eaton; and recently named BirelART/Richard Mille Young Talent programme Australian representative, Hugh Barter.

Motiv8 Training has worked with clients from around Australia and internationally including New Zealand, Asia and the USA.

The goal of is for members to be doing business with each other and for the extensive readership to be considering the products and services of companies that need to survive the current economic downturn.

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