SPOTLIGHT: Paul Kuhnemann, Earthfleet

One of Earthfleet’s trucks

PK (Paul Kuhnemann) and his Earthfleet team like to get dirty – literally!

Earthfleet was originally established in 1979 on the Gold Coast by the well-known Bycroft family and was purchased in 1985 and then renamed Earthfleet four year later.

Under the leadership of Kuhnemann, Earthfleet has become one of the largest plant hire organisations in southeast Queensland.

The backbone of the business is a fleet of subcontracted owner-operators, many who have been a part of the Earthfleet “family” for more than three decades.

Earthfleet not only services the construction and building industry, which is currently experiencing yet another boom, but has also become a “go to” supplier for many smaller and DIY operators.

They service excavators from one to 23 tonne, combos up to eight tonne, hire trucks and can also deliver sand, soils and gravels.

Earthfleet has also evolved into a prominent supplier of rubbish skip and waste management services.

This waste management service is supported by a bobcat fleet, with rubbish clean ups of certain sites more effectively and economically completed by bobcats/trucks.

“We offer a ‘one stop shop’ for the builder or contractor wishing to source contractors or suppliers from Brisbane to Tamborine (and underlying areas) down Murwillumbah in northern NSW,” said PK.

“We want to provide the best services possible to our customers and if there is something we cannot supply, we use our network to find the best business that can.”

Kuhnemann has a strong background in rugby league and has been a long-time supporter of the sport at a grassroots and senior level.

He has also been a long-time motorsport fan with his father, Roy, a former Ford salesman in Toowoomba.

“When COVID first hit, no one really knew what we were in store for,” said PK.

“‘Crusher” and the team reacted quickly with the introduction of and we could not see any downside to being involved.

“It has developed into a strong network and we have picked up several pieces of business from other members and fans of the site.

“We think it has been a terrific community initiative and we have benefited from being involved.” founder, Brett “Crusher” Murray, says that while we come out of the COVID period, the real benefits of are starting to be realised.

“When we launched we reached out to several people we knew directly and who would understand what we were trying to achieve for small- to medium-sized businesses,” said Murray.

“PK got it straight away, appreciated the opportunity, embraced it and has benefited as a result.

“Now it is great to have the site gain major support from Morris, which has such an incredible community focus through their finance business nationally.”

Anyone with a small to medium-sized business can join for free.

For further information on Earthfleet, click here.

One of Earthfleet’s excavators