SPOTLIGHT: Paul Stokell, Driving Events


Six-time national motorsport champion Paul Stokell is the founder of Driving Events

Widely known for his successful motorsport career, Paul Stokell founded Driving Events to fulfil a need to supply experienced defensive, advanced and high-performance driver training.

The three-time Australian Drivers’ Championship and Malaysian Grand Prix winner established the performance-driving business in 2008.

Servicing both the automotive and motorsport sectors, Driving Events offering includes track days, beginner, intermediate and advanced driver coaching, simulator work, Lotus and Radical race experiences, as well as assisting clients through the process of acquiring a Motorsport Australia racing licence.

“We cover everything from defensive driving right through to race coaching,” Stokell said.

“We can take everyone from realistically from the grassroots level right through to racing at a professional level if they really want to do it.

“We also provide a race track service, driver development and data analysis and private 1 to 1 coaching as well as catering for corporate enquiries and host events for many leading manufacturers.”

Since establishing the business, Stokell has gone onto enjoy success in the industry.

“It’s been good, it’s built up over the years and I think it is fair to say that my reputation and the fact that I’m still racing has probably helped out a fair bit,” he added.

“We’ve got quite an established regular clientele, especially in the performance-driving market.

“The private sector is probably our biggest market, but our corporate market is an area we would like to build on in the future.”

The two-time Australian Targa title winner is also known for leading Targa Tours at events on some of the finest closed roads in Australia.

“I just lead our group, having won Targa in the past I can give them an insight into how it all works so I look after a fairly exclusive group around those events as well.”

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