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Nathan Duff

While many businesses have used every breath they have had to keep themselves alive during the COVID-19 period, others have identified opportunities for growth and rolled the dice. saw an opportunity to establish as a valuable support mechanism for the motorsport and automotive industries and its suppliers, sponsors, clubs and organisations during the pandemic period.

One of the hundreds of businesses to take up the free service is Retromotive Magazine.

Already established as a quality print quarterly featuring interesting cars with high-end photography from around the world, Retromotive has expanded and now offers a digital edition.

Publisher Nathan Duff is a professional photographer with well-honed appreciation for fine machines and fine art.

His work has featured in Australian and international motoring magazines, plus car company catalogues for many years.

Duff understands car enthusiasts are hands-on people who appreciate both the timelessness of printed magazines and the inherent beauty of classic machines, well-photographed and backed with owners’ stories. 

That understanding, and a critically-acclaimed magazine, now sees Nathan expand Retromotive to include a digital edition designed to offer the same experience as the print edition without need for awkward third-party readers, being redirected to other sites or having to download additional apps.

Online articles about uncommon and classic cars are backed with emotive photography plus owners’ background stories; there is equal focus on the vehicle and their custodians, says Duff.

“The site is designed to reach a broader audience than just car enthusiasts by engaging readers with peoples’ stories – about their life, culture and experiences – rather than long-winded technical rundowns of classic cars,” Duff told

Direction and tone of the digital edition is designed to match that of the acclaimed print magazine with seamless transition.

A large portion of is original content, designed to complement the print edition with the addition of weekly updates and fresh material. 

Cars have been the primary focus of Nathan’s professional work since high school on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

“I like the challenge of photographing cars,” said Duff. 

 “There are always different elements and styles to work with – action, landscape, stills. Plus car people are always happy to talk and share their stories.”

For those timeless photographs in Retromotive, Nathan works with the one Canon camera and one lense, to keep the same retro, old film feel through all pages and aid his magazine’s aesthetic.

He’s now looking to further expand brand awareness through wider engagement with motoring clubs at grassroots levels – offering special deals, discounts and collaborations and already has the members in his sights.

He is also looking at a big push into overseas markets and a line of merchandise including apparel, posters and automobilia, and a wider range of innovative package deals for subscribers.

As a small, independent and subscriber-based company operating online, Retromotive has no audited figures or financial results to share. The company is, however, profitable and growing.  One North American website calls it one of the world’s ‘100 Best Magazines You’ve Never Heard Of’.

Nathan says Retromotive’s success, and its culture, is driven simply by a love of cars and their people, backed by his quality print and digital magazines.

“You have to keep going and I think we all have to thank the team for creating and providing us a cool network of like-minded people to do business with,” said Duff.

“There is no doubt that the initiative is working.”

The goal of is for members to be doing business with each other and for the extensive readership to be considering the products and services of companies that need to survive the current economic downturn.

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