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Ross Gibb of Ross Gibb Photography with three-time Supercars champion and seven-time Bathurst 1000 winner Craig Lowndes’s Ross Gibb has had over 30 years experience as a professional photographer, specialising in motorsport.

The widely-recognised 200cm tall, white bucket hat-wearing Gibb has gone onto become one of the most respected photographers at Supercars Championship events, attending all rounds barring less than a handful since 2004.

An award-winning photographer, he has developed a vast knowledge and experience of photography in the publishing area, commercial and industrial area of motorsport, particularly in Supercars.

Commencing his career as a freelancer in 1996, Gibb started off by attending motorsport events in Victoria.

“I had been out to Sandown with a couple of mates, took my camera down and thought it was pretty good out there,” Gibb said.

“So I got in touch with CAMS [now Motorsport Australia] and asked what did I need to do to take trackside photos so they said to get in touch with a racetrack.

“I got in touch with Calder Park, went out there and they had a drag race meeting on that weekend, so I sent some photos to a magazine called Street Machine, they ran some photos and paid me for it, so I thought that was pretty good.”

He expanded from there, attending his first Supercars round at Calder Park Raceway in 1998, an event won by then-Holden Racing Team driver Craig Lowndes.

“Since then, I ended up doing a couple rounds and I just built up the different tracks that I went to, over that time to the point where in 2004, I started doing the whole championship and I haven’t looked back,” he added.

It was a major turning point in his career, with 2004 being the same year that Gibb transitioned from film to digital.

In the years that followed, Gibb followed Supercars overseas, attending events in Bahrain, China, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

“I have enjoyed going to all the overseas events in Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, New Zealand and Texas, it’s been pretty special to be able to do all of them,” he reflected.

Highlights of his career in Australia include working for Garry Rogers Motorsport, notably the two Bathurst 24-hour events, as well as covering 36 editions of the Bathurst 1000.

While he has seen the industry change over the years, Gibb maintains that maintaining relationships with people is key to continued success.

“What I have learned is that I still enjoy doing it today and it’s mainly because of the people in the sport that I enjoy the interactions with,” he explained.

“You know, the cars keep going around the track and that’s fine, they keep evolving and there’s different cars, but it is important the main thing for me is just the enjoyment I get with being a part of a big traveling circus.

“You get to work with the same people all the time and it’s good to share with them, how you are going and what you know, it’s not always about the cars on the track.

“Currently I’m happy with how things are, but the main thing is the relationships I’ve developed over all those years and I just want to keep doing it doing it the way I’ve been doing it.”

Gibb promises to deliver the best quality product and commitment to ensuring you get what you need, without compromise.

He is professional, discrete and passionate with a friendly and open approach to your ideas and an envious reputation in the industry.

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