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Sturat Media

Founded by passionate commentator Stuart McCarthy, Sturat Media is a media service that offers everything from announcing to media representation.

Predominantly a speedway commentator of 26 years, McCarthy commenced his commentary career in 1996 at Warrnambool in Victoria, commentating at speedway events throughout the state and in South Australia.

In 2005, he took the opportunity to move to Sydney where he spent 16 years commentating at the former home of Sprintcar racing in Australia, Sydney Speedway in Parramatta.

It was during this time that McCarthy formed Sturat Media in 2010.

As a media service, Stuart Media specialises in announcing, hosting ceremonies, podcasts, and media training.

McCarthy also offers a public relations service for drivers and teams in various forms of motorsport.

Following the closure of the Sydney Speedway, he became the inaugural lead commentator at the Eastern Creek Speedway.

“It’s an honour to be at that venue, it is a multi-million dollar facility, and yeah it’s just fantastic to be a part of that,” McCarthy added.

In addition to commentating speedway, his extensive commentary experience also includes the Formula 1 Powerboat World Championship, trucks, and motorbikes.

He has also held various television roles co-announcing the Fox Sports programme ‘Full Noise,’ with Steve Raymond, while he has also voiced segments on SBS’ ‘Speedweek.’

His career path also allowed McCarthy to live out his childhood dream of announcing speedway in the United States of America.

“Through my line of work, I got to know all these ex-pats from Australia living in America, and one in particular, Peter Murphy, he puts on a race in California, back in 2008, and he got me across to commentate his race,” he added.

“I loved what I did and he got me back to do the biggest race of the year, the Trophy Cup at Tulare, California, I did that for two years running, and then COVID-19 hit.”

McCarthy said it was during the global pandemic that he had heard about Networkcafe.

“I follow the sister pages like Speedcafe, Torquecafe, and when this was announced, I saw it as an opportunity to put myself out there, because you never know someone might see your name,” he explained.
“Someone might have heard me at the speedway and then on the page my contact details are right there.

“There is also the possibility of getting some business and if you don’t put your name out there, you won’t get anything at all.”

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