SPOTLIGHT: Tristan Wright, Evolve to Grow

Tristan Wright

Every day offers a new set of challenges and opportunities for Tristan Wright.

The man behind Evolve to Grow, Wright is a business coach who is leveraging his own experience to the benefit of others.

Based in Melbourne, his focus is to help grow businesses and those who run them, helping them achieve their goals; whether it’s increasing revenue or simply clawing back a little more work-life balance.

Wright ran a sportswear business while in his 20s and both earned and lost money in the experience.

After selling that, he had something of an epiphany.

“I was arrogant at the time I thought I can do this all by myself,” he admitted.

“As it turns out, I couldn’t do it all by myself, and that’s how I made all the mistakes along the journey.

“After going through that journey, I sold the business and understood and realised that other business owners would have been going through the same things as me; being lonely, not having someone to talk to, not knowing what to do to improve their business.”

And so, Wright founded Evolve to Grow, a business built around the success of others.

“As a business coach, I help the business owner on their journey, to make sure that they’ve got an efficient business and they’re heading in the correct direction,” Wright explained.

“I help them work out what they want to achieve in business and in life and help them create that roadmap to get there in the simplest way possible.”

It’s a task that can transform the life of his clients, as Wright has been told, offering him immense fulfilment in return.

“Two or three days ago, one of my clients said to me, ‘you’re literally changing my life’,” he explained.

“Eight weeks ago, he was working 60-hour weeks, and he wasn’t enjoying rocking up to work, invoicing $5000 a week.

“Last week, he had a spring in his step, he jumped out of bed went into work, he invoiced $20,000, worked half the amount of time and his staff were doing the work for him.

“So just being able to change someone else’s life and have a positive impact on them is what makes me happy.”

It’s far from an isolated example, and in one instance Wright has helped a business see its revenues increase 11-fold in short order.

“Obviously they did all the implementation, but their monthly income grew 11 times,” he said.

“To be able to hit that, that was phenomenal.

“This is a business whose goal was to average $150,000 a month, going from $70,000 to $150,000.”

While that is admittedly an outlier, it was achieved without changing the product, simply by looking at aspects within the business structure and processes.

“It’s just how they sold, it was how they priced the product, and how they were able to increase their efficiency so they could turnover more.

“That’s a big result, but there are other similar stories.”

Having studied mechanical engineering and industrial design, Wright is able to examine things on a macro and micro level.

He’s therefore able to understand the big picture without missing the details, helping a business remain focused.

Part of that is having a fundamental understanding of business, and the basic buckets into which they all fall.

“At the end of the day, most businesses are similar,” he suggested.

“They’ve got a very similar skeleton, although they’re just dressed up differently.

“There are either B2B (business-to-business) service business, or a B2B product business, or B2C (business-to-client) service or B2C product.

“In reality, there’s only four different business types, it’s just dressed up differently.

“So if you take the clothes off, everyone’s the same.”

Helping business overcome their own hurdles offers him the sense of satisfaction he is looking for professionally.

“So I don’t have these big, outlandish goals to be the best business coach in the world,” he reasoned.

“If I can have an impact on other business owners and give them freedom, give them results or give them time, that helps me fill up, I guess, my tank of fulfilment.”

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