The keys to working from home

Even Formula 1 teams have certain staff who work from home on a race weekend

Working from home has become a regular occurrence for many since COVID-19 swept the nation (and world) roughly two years back.

It seems like the dream, right? No daily commute. No interruptions. No direct supervision.

But it’s not always all that rosy. explores five top tips to help you get the best out of the experience.

Company is important

While you might get away from that annoying colleague of yours, you do miss out on what used to be a big chunk of your weekly social interactions.

Zoom/phone calls help keep you in touch, but the physical presence of another soul cannot be easily replaced.

If you’re home alone, the companionship of a pet can go a long way towards combating this.

Alternatively, where possible, working at the house of a friend/family member/colleague once a week can fill the void.

Multiple workspaces

Having different spots at home where you can work from can help too.

It’s not that you necessarily need three dedicated home offices, but the ability to have a change of scenery – be it a shift between the kitchen table, the lounge room, the outside deck, or wherever – can keep you fresh.

Have the essentials sorted

This might sound the most basic of all, but something as simple as internet really is a gamechanger.

Having dodgy internet that drops in and out can make for significant frustration. Same goes for phone reception.

Another essential? A quiet place to set up.

Some kind of coffee machine too, for those who depend on that caffeine fix.

Set goals and stick to them

A cheeky look at Netflix can quickly turn into an hour down the drain before you know it.

Having a plan, or aim, or routine, is vital to give yourself direction and stay motivated.

That’s not to say a 10-minute stroll at lunchtime in the sunshine can’t be productive to set yourself up for the second half of the working day.

Make it work for you

In the end, there is so much upside to having the option of working from home, so make the most of it!

Figure out a way to be even more productive without the office distractions, and have a blast doing it.

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