McElrea Racing drivers have sampled in beta form

An all-in-one motorsport toolkit for race engineering, aims to make it easier for drivers to access data in one secure location.

Founded by Con Mouzouris and Oliver Heycoop in 2019, is a cloud-based, single-platform service to capture, store, analyse and solve the science behind motor racing.

Both Mouzouris and Heycoop have a background in IT having built websites and applications cloud-based applications for many of the top 100 companies in Australia.

They also have a shared interest in motorsport and created the platform based on their own experiences in that industry.

“We both ran into similar problems, I guess a lot of the data that was collected such as anything to do with car set up, to do with the weather, to do with your tyre pressure, to do with your driver feedback was all collated in various different formats and documents,” Heycoop said.

“Debriefing on that and making an informed decision for next time on how to go faster Became very difficult because you’re struggling to pull all those different pieces of data together”.“You can log into and once you’ve made five clicks in the application, you’ll get any piece of data you want within 15-20 seconds.”

“The idea for was really born from there.” aims to store all the data you need to make informed decisions to win on the track in one, easy-to-access location.

It was developed in collaboration with race teams in Australia, Asia and the US, with experience from race teams in Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Championship, as well as the Supercars Championship leveraged to optimise the features of the platform.

The very first minimum viable product went to market at the start of 2020, which was all around how drivers give their feedback and the engineers can review that feedback as provide input into making setup changes.

In 2022, the second version of the platform was built, which has been released behind closed doors in a beta test with McElrea Racing last week.

McElrea Racing is set to use the platform in beta form as part of its North American expansion in Porsche Carrera Cup North America.

A few other teams will be onboarded over the coming weeks, before the product is released to market in March.

“We’re very proud of the platform because right now you can get to any single piece of data within five clicks,” Heycoop added.

“You can log into and once you’ve made five clicks in the application, you’ve clicked into your events, you’ll get any piece of data you want within 15-20 seconds.”

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